You’ve Never Seen National Theatre Like This Before

Until now, you’ve only been able to take backstage tours of the National Theatre in London in person. But according to The Stage, NT is launching an app that offers exclusive content and behind-the-scenes access.

“What’s great is that theatre is a passion point for people,” NT head of digital development Toby Coffey told The Stage. “What I wanted to do was create something that, if you are interested in theatre and the National Theatre, will drive you to continually engage with it.”

We’re big proponents of mobile, engaging fans and getting outside the four walls of your venue. As Jim wrote:

“The old-fashioned mindset of ‘protecting’ the live experience by making it as unavailable to anybody not present in the building at the time of the event doesn’t work. What it does is prevent people from being able to participate, which prevents them from caring, which prevents them from being a fan or supporter.”

Read more about NT’s new app here.

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