Your Trickiest SEO Questions — Answered

We’ve covered many of the basics of SEO on Selling Out before (click here if you want to catch up on those posts), but it’s certainly possible that you may have more detailed questions we haven’t addressed.

To help, we’re sharing some tricky SEO questions and answers from SEMrush’s recent Twitter chat. See what several SEO experts had to say about fine-tuning your website for Google, Bing and Yahoo:

SEO strategy for a business that wants to geo-target surrounding local marketsEvery good website starts with good content; so whatever SEO strategy you implement, make sure you have a solid foundation of “useful or entertaining content related to other local markets,” Richard Hearne ‏@RedCardinal suggests.

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Create an individual page for each location you want to target and then optimize it with geo-specific content, localized page titles, proper headings and so on.

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Use the language your potential clients are speaking. Find out if there are any specific words, names or slang phrases that your local customers are using and include them in your content.

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As Ryan Johnson ‏@rsj8000 advises, “Use schema to note your target areas, build a Google Business page and create real content that is relevant to surrounding communities.” Do not forget to amplify your local optimization with geo-specific keywords and local hashtags.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors for local optimization, and you can implement your link-building strategy by reaching out to bloggers or authors in each location you’re targeting.

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Try to add at least a couple of reviews or testimonials to every location-specific page. This will give a huge boost to your company credibility.

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How to optimize a website for a tradeshow that moves to a different convention center every yearHow can you optimize a website, if your business’ location constantly changes? Let’s find out how to do this for a trade show that is held in a different location every year. Even if you change your location, there is definitely no reason to change your domain. As Tony McCreath ‏@TonyMcCreath advises, “Don’t change domain for each event. Have the home page always the latest event.”

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The same goes for old content – there’s no need to kill it and create brand new content from scratch every year. Save your previous content on subpages and use it in between trade shows:

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You can use content from previous trade shows to attract more visitors.

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Whatever new location you choose for your trade show, your niche and main focus will remain the same. So devote the most effort to optimizing your site according to your industry, “which is basically the only consistent thing about a convention that moves each year.” – Agent Palmer ‏@AgentPalmer.

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