Your Most Effective Marketing May Not Be Done by You

The Story of Telling makes a great point: “When value is demonstrated rather than described it immediately becomes more relatable.”

Photo Credit: Drew Coffman

The site uses Harley Davidson as an example, stating that the company’s “most powerful marketing isn’t the detail about engine size, speed or low-end torque that’s written in the brochure — it’s the stories riders tell about the feeling they get when they ride one.”

The takeaway: “Showing is more powerful than telling because it reflects the customer’s desire, problem or dilemma (alongside your potential solution) back to him. This is why success stories build trust in a way marketing copy never can.”

The Story of Telling concludes with a list of 10 alternative ways to communicate value. Here are a few:

• Publish customer testimonials and positive feedback from social media.
• Encourage customers to share their photos, videos, and product reviews online.
• Show how customers use and enjoy your products or services.
• Celebrate your audience.

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