Young Consumers Are More Likely to Read and Write Reviews

Does your organization post reviews of your shows and events? If you want to attract a younger crowd, it certainly seems like a good idea, at least according to this recent study from BrightLocal and Search Engine Land.

A few key findings from their study:

  • In the past year, 58 percent of consumers aged 18–34 have searched online for a local business at least one time per month.
  • 97 percent of consumers aged 18–34 read local business reviews online.
  • 89 percent of consumers aged 18–34 trust reviews versus 69 percent of consumers aged 55+.
  • 62 percent of 18–34-year-olds have read reviews on a mobile device.

Goldstar has always encouraged reviews (you can read more about it here) and Jim has previously stressed the importance of public reviews, not just for attracting a younger crowd but as a good practice for all businesses. As he wrote in his post, It’s a Real-Time Feedback World, So You Might as Well Like it:

“I’m a big fan of public feedback for businesses, live entertainment venues and just about anybody selling/promoting wares of any kind to the world.

That’s true not only because it helps buyers make decisions, but also (and more importantly) because it keeps you, as the producer of whatever is being bought, viewed or discussed, focused on doing a good job and taking care of your audience and/or customers.”

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