Would You Pay $18,000 to See Super Bowl XLIX?

Apparently, tickets peaked this past weekend for Super Bowl XLIX at $6,500, “making them the most expensive average ticket prices for any event,” according to Daily Finance. That includes sports, music and theater.

As of yesterday afternoon, tickets for Sunday’s game were going for around $5,700. Last year at this time tickets to the Super Bowl were selling for $3,008.

“People are placing more value than ever before on the live experience,” Jim wrote in his post, Whenever Someone Says Modern Sports Is All About TV …

It’s a point he shared one month earlier in his post, The Value of Live Entertainment: Still Growing:

The value people place on live entertainment continues to rise. … if you’re in the business, it’s great news! The alternative is to be in a business where people place less value on what you do every year. How does that sound? If you’re not sure, ask someone in the recorded music business or maybe a travel agent.

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