Would You Pay $1,000,000 For a Ticket?

It sounds almost crazy. According to TicketNews, “Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival in June offers a number of unique perks for its golden ticket” — which costs $1,000,000.

TicketNews writes: “This is the most expensive and exclusive festival pass in the world, and only a single one is up for grabs.”

A few of the perks include: partying in a volcano, daily pampering, horseback riding and a personal chef.

This year’s Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik will feature Slayer, Gucci Mane, Stormzy, Steve Aoki, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and many more — and it takes place over four days during 96 hours of straight sunlight!

So, who will pay $1,000,000 for the golden ticket?

As Jim writes in this post:

“While it’s true that nobody ever needs a ticket, it’s equally true that if somebody really wants a ticket, they’ll pay just about anything for it.

If you don’t grasp both sides of this dynamic, I think you’ll have a hard time being very successful marketing live entertainment and arts. A person’s interest in paying for an event ticket goes from absolute flatline (when they don’t know or care about the show) to a steeply rising upward curve. It’s not a straight, steady line.”

While not many people have $1,000,000, the festival is only counting on one ticket buyer.

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