Word Stock Update: Immersive Gets Mainstream Media Attention

A couple weeks ago, I suggested you hold your stock in the word “Immersive.” If you did, you’re looking at big imaginary profits today as it continues to get discussed in larger and larger outlets.

Time’s Richard Zoglin asks “Has Theater Lost Its Mind?” as the trend toward these immersive shows grows in New York and around the country. Of course, he’s being tongue-in-cheek, and he gets it right when it comes to answering why these productions are working. He writes: “Immersive theater is a healthy reaction to the stodginess and predictability of so much conventional theater, and it’s provided a new palate for innovative choreographers and designers.”

It’s a field rich with opportunity, and many will join it. Some of the immersive productions will be terrible and there will be a backlash, but it’s here to stay. It will evolve, broaden and improve, but I don’t believe it’s a fad. Eventually, a solid percentage (not a majority) of all theater will be immersive or participatory in some way, but we’re still working our way up that curve.

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