Word Stock Market: Spooktacular

The Word Stock Market is an occasional feature on SellingOut.com, where I will tell you whether to buy, sell or hold a certain word based on whether that word has a strong future or has seen better days. For example, if you’d bought the word “hybrid” 10 years ago (when it meant a cross between a horse and a donkey, not an eco-friendly car), you’d be rich today. On the other hand, if you’d bought “digital camera,” you’d be broke.

halloween-pumpkin-2Today’s Word Stock is Spooktacular.

Usually preceding the word “savings” or “sale,” the word “spooktacular” appears this time of year as a sure sign of totally brain-dead marketing. It means nothing, except that the marketer deploying it knows that it’s Halloween, and he or she means to say that something is “good.”

I’m equally unimpressed by the ample use of the phrase “All Treats, No Tricks” in any form of marketing this time of year, and as I’ve said before, if there were a license to do marketing, using this phrase in any form should be grounds for revocation of that license.

Stop it, people. Think of something else. If you must, just say this: “It’s Halloween, and We Want You to Buy Things from Us.” At least you might get points for honesty.

RATING: HOLD. I wish I could say “sell,” but I’m pretty confident “spooktacular” will be with us in bad marketing for a long time to come.

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