Why You Should Channel Your Inner Julia Child When Marketing Your Next Show

No, I’m not talking about turning your next marketing campaign into a cooking show (although, I guess that could work for certain productions …). Instead, consider Julia Child’s helpful communication style.

Inc.com recently outlined how Child’s way of communicating goes a long way toward engaging and helping audiences. You can read the full article here and see the best advice for arts marketers below:

  • “Show, don’t tell. The French Chef was one of the first cooking shows on TV, and it was immediately obvious that television was an ideal medium for demonstrating how to make food. And despite terrible production values, Julia did so beautifully. She didn’t just say, ‘Remove the gills before using the fish head for stock,’ she showed what gills looked like and how to extract them from the head. (Ew!)
  • Let your personality come through. Julia was not gorgeous like the glamorous female chefs who grace The Food Network today, but her personality came through with all its eccentricities. Perfection is boring. Smoothing out all the little bumps makes communication seem packaged and inauthentic. Not being herself was never an issue for Julia. ‘Just give it a whack!’ was her advice about how to chop up a fish skeleton, and then she did so with gusto.”

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