Why You Need to Rethink Your Customer Service

It pops up often on this blog: Good customer service is key to growing your business. And as customer service increasingly takes place over social media channels, MarketingProfs points out that it’s important to revamp the customer experience for social consumers.

Mike Schneider reports: “To provide authentic, human service in a digital, mobile medium, with the efficiency of text — nothing beats social media. It’s where your customers are being human, and it’s where your brand can be human, too. After all, some 64% of consumers prefer to use texting over voice as a customer service channel when given the choice, according to One Reach Contact Center.”

Schneider continues, ” … social media is far more than just a popular technology; it enables and facilitates relationships on a massive scale and accelerates social interaction. You need to have real agents who you empower to be flexible, authentic, and able to resolve real issues in-channel rather than deflect them to other channels. (First-contact-resolution is one of the biggest determinants of a great service experience.) These new agents also need to be trained in social media and in resolving issues publicly. In fact, they’re no longer just agents — they’re brand advocates who are the face of your company with every engagement they have.”


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