Why the Live Entertainment Industry Needs Show Day

ShowDayI can’t think of a better day of the year to go to a show than the day after Christmas. Holiday magic is in the air, most people have time off and so many great shows are happening that it’s an irresistible feeling.

I want people to think of the 26th as the day when they absolutely must get out to a show, that seeing something — music, theater, comedy or even a sports event — is just part of their holiday tradition. It is for me, as it already is for many of you. I believe it should be for everyone!

So I hope that you will join us in an industry-wide initiative to start and build this new annual tradition: Show Day, December 26th. I’ve talked to a lot of people inside and outside the industry about this over the last few months, and their eyes light up. It seems so natural to people that they almost feel like it’s a tradition for them already.

We’re going to be doing our own promotion for Show Day, which I hope you’ll join, but I also hope that you’ll help us spread the word to everyone!

December 26th is a day where people go with their friends and families to see a live show!

Best wishes and Happy Show Day,
Jim McCarthy

Check out the Show Day site and Facebook page, and follow Show Day on Twitter.

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