Why Lyricist Tim Rice Wants You to Fail

Grammy, Oscar and Tony-winning lyricist Tim Rice (The Lion King, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Beauty and the Beast) is very concerned. He thinks we live in a world where “everyone has to pass.” According to this article by Hannah Furness for The Telegraph, he “worries about the lack of mistakes permitted in the modern day, in a culture where there is ‘very little failure.'”

Rice actually thinks failure is the best thing for some people (he failed the exam to become a barrister three times). He considers “a degree of failure in his own early career as being of the utmost importance, teaching him ‘so much.'”

This article stood out to me in light of Jim’s post this morning, “If You Can’t See It, It’s Not There.” He talked about marketing programs that might be failing an organization, but they’re not ready to say goodbye to them.

Well, according to Rice, these failures can be productive. They can teach you and steer you in new, different directions. Just be sure to learn the lessons and move on.

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