Why Joel Peterson’s 10 Laws of Trust Are Good for Business

Joel1-300x300Much like Jim’s message that good service is the best marketing money you’ll ever spend, Joel Peterson has a golden rule for business that he shares in his new book, The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds That Make a Business Great.

Why trust? Because, as the JetBlue Chairman and professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business assures, “Trust works to everyone’s benefit — individual contributors, work groups, customers, suppliers, vendors — and the betterment of the whole organization.”

10lawsoftrustHis book, The 10 Laws of Trust, offers specific ideas and behaviors that reinforce the foundations on which trust is built — and trust pays off in creating relationships with your customers and reaping remarkable gains in reputation and the bottom-line.

Peterson’s guide not only offers a simple, powerful framework for trust-centered leadership, but his insight about trust trickles into all areas of business, especially when dealing with customers.

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