Who Would Want to Keep Peter Pan in the Dark?

More people saw The Sound of Music Live! on television at the holidays last year than went to a Broadway show in the entire year. The availability and, I suspect, the popularity of the show led some people in what I think of as the Theater Suicide Cult to find any way at all to criticize the production and snipe about the various qualities of the performers.

Just imagine the fits they had when they heard that NBC is perpetrating this great crime again in December and putting Peter Pan on its network. Oh, the horror of a show that people actually know and like! And just think of all the kids out there, who might even be watching. Everyone knows that theater should be watched exclusively by boring middle-age people who use it to flatter themselves about how much smarter they are than other people.

Unless you’re not part of the Suicide Cult, in which case it’s very exciting to see a tradition like this developing and, hopefully, growing.

Obscurity, not availability, is the enemy.

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