Who Says Live Entertainment Isn’t Life or Death?

“Happy Fan,” © 2008 Regina Folk Festival, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

It’s a fun industry. Period.

Those of us who work in it know that to be true and relish the perks. And, now a new study shows that going out to live events helps reduce death risk for customers.

Inc. shares highlights from a new study of 6,710 adults aged 50 and over, published in the British Medical Journal: “It seems that those who participate in cultural activities live longer. Those who went to the opera, theater, art galleries or museums just once or twice a year had an increased lifespan of 14 percent. Those who went once a month, or even once every few months, enjoyed a 31 percent increased lifespan during the study’s 14-year term.”

So you’re not only entertaining people, but also helping them live longer! Isn’t that something we should let them know, too?

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