Who Really Makes the Call on Your Marketing Budget?

When it comes to marketing budgets, it’s rarely one person’s call. And sometimes, you need to do a little (or a lot) of convincing to help someone see things your way. If you’re looking for a way to convince your team or boss to try a new method, consider anticipating their questions and coming up with compelling answers.

Below is an example we created, using Goldstar’s new marketing tool Boost. Feel free to use it (if you’ve been trying to convince your boss to try Boost), or consider it a guideline/starting point for any new campaign you need approval on. These are pretty common questions you’ll want to have answers to:

Q: What is Boost?
A: Boost is a paid marketing tool that gets your event into more emails to the Goldstar audience, and gives your event premium placement in emails (check out the image below to see where). Boost also lets you market your event in areas outside your venue’s city.

Q: How can Boost help us?
A: Boost increases awareness of your event with the Goldstar audience (who are all live entertainment fans) and furthers your marketing reach. A Boost campaign also increases the frequency people hear about your event and can often lead to increased ticket sales on Goldstar and at your own box office.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Boost has a $5 CPM, so every $5 gets your event into 1,000 additional emails. But the great thing is, there’s no minimum spend, so you can fit it into just about any marketing budget.

Q: Can I track results?
A: Can Adele sing like an angel? Yes, you can always track your sales data in the Audience Marketing Platform. And when you create a Boost campaign, you can track your reach and page views. You can also see demographic info (age, gender, income, etc.) and a heat map so you know where your audience is coming from.

Q: Who else is using Boost?
A: We can’t tell you everyone, but we can say that many of our organizers have given Boost a try, and lots have created multiple campaigns. If you want to see some of their experiences, check out a few case studies (from Cirque du Soleil, Center Theatre Group and more) here.

Q: How does Boost compare to other marketing channels?
A: While Boost creates awareness similarly to other marketing options like Facebook or traditional media, there are some key differences. The chart below lays them out:

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