When Making Fun Can Lead to New Fans

Bad reviews can be good for business, as we pointed out in this post. And, a spoof of your brand on Saturday Night Live can raise awareness of it.

According to Adweek, When SNL featured a sketch with Kristen Stewart, Beck Bennet and Aidy Bryant making fun “of the astronomical cost of Farrow & Ball paints and their flowery descriptions, as well as the fact that you ‘can’t touch’ the finished paint — with some digs at the English spelling of ‘color’ as well,” Farrow & Ball “responded with a full-page ad in the New York Times, describing a new paint color — English Roast. It announces a new ‘Saturday Night Live special edition col-our!'”

Reporter Alexandra Jardine points out that having a sense of humor allowed Farrow & Ball to turn this potentially bad publicity into a win for the company.

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