When It Comes to Promoting Your Show, Fans Say It Best

ChewbacaTwitterWhen Candace Payne’s Facebook Live video of herself trying on a Chewbacca mask from Kohl’s — and laughing hysterically — hit 136 million views in just four days, Kohl’s had the perfect response. The company showered her with gifts — which made even more fans. According to Jessica Gioglio at Convince & Convert, we can learn a few key lessons from Kohl’s recent social media moment.

“Advocates Say It Better

What makes this video so amazing — besides Candace’s fantastic laugh — is how genuine it is. When a customer genuinely loves and recommends something, their enthusiasm shines through. The content that results — whether it’s blog content, social media posts, or in Candace’s case, record-breaking Facebook live videos — is trusted and considered by consumers when making purchase decisions. According to a study by Google, Ogilvy, and TNS, 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. As seen by the record sell-out of the Chewbacca mask across multiple retailers, a great piece of content from a brand advocate can drive results.

Seize the Moment

When you’re at the helm of a large company, it’s an amazing moment when a positive mention or user-generated piece of content about your brand goes viral. If we were part of a sports team, we would view this as a game-clinching moment that we train for. Companies need to adopt the same mentality.

Real-time opportunities are where people, processes, and technology come together to hit that proverbial home run. From social listening that catches the conversation spike as it’s taking off to seamless collaboration among stakeholders and a healthy dose of common sense, Kohl’s response to the video hit all the right notes and was rewarded with positive feedback from its customers.”

These are two good lessons — read a third at Convince & Convert.

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