When Giving It Away for Free Is a Good Idea

Echoing Jim’s thoughts in You Can’t Kill Demand for a Product by Giving It to More People, Edward Einhorn has created two new websites, one for each of his two translations/adaptations of Greek plays, Lysistrata and Iphigenia in Aulis, which he writes about on HowlRound.

Einhorn states: ” … my main goal is to inspire productions. In essence, I am saying the artistic satisfaction of having one’s work read and produced is much greater than having it lay hidden. And, just as importantly, the intellectual property of an unread script has much less economic potential than that of possible future productions — I should mention, in this context, that I will continue to charge royalties to those who choose to stage the scripts.”

According to Jim, “starting now but developing in years to come, theater and performing arts venues should find ways of making the content available in multiple forms.” Jim concluded his above post:

“Here’s the challenge to a generation of entrepreneurs in theater and the performing arts: Find ways to distribute the content to as many people as possible, as easily as possible. Build that fan base. Create those secondary revenue streams to create the profit that allows a cycle of building on success.”

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