What’s the Definition of an Ideal Evening Out? Survey Says …

Jim often writes that everyone in the business of live entertainment and arts should be audience-oriented. He’s also written about the convenience gap faced by our industry, and how important it is to combat it by avoiding increased friction in getting people to shows and events.

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is taking steps to address both of these concerns. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s Elizabeth Bloom reports on “a study conducted last year by a marketing research firm to help the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra understand how to attract new audiences.”

Some of the study’s key findings were: “The definition of an ideal evening out includes a combination of food, drink, social opportunities and uplifting performances; audiences prefer familiar artists and music they can relate to; and the PSO is not top of mind for several reasons, including the perception of a stiff and constrictive atmosphere.”

The study also listed the barriers to entry: traffic, parking, cost, lack of interest in symphonic music or a combination thereof, and recommended that the orchestra consider several strategies, such as allowing patrons to use tickets as coupons for future performances.

Although the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra wasn’t a stranger to many of the recommendations, Michael Bielski, the orchestra’s senior vice president and chief operating officer, agrees that the organization has to be flexible, because “the patron, the client, has changed.”

Read more about the study and its recommendations here.

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