What’s More American Than Pie and Baseball?

This holiday week, we’re taking a look back at a couple of Jim posts about baseball and pie — and marketing, of course.

“What ‘grows the pie’ for live entertainment? In my view, it’s three things:

1. Better content. And by ‘better,’ I mean designed to be in the intersection point between the creative vision of the artist/company/organization and the delight of the audience. B+ doesn’t get it done. ‘Expected’ doesn’t get it done. Delight, surprise and excellence equals better, and that’s job 1. If you’re not sure how that looks, search Guy Laliberte on Google and read his story. Not many of us can be Guy, but we can try.

2. Create reasons to go. Why should a person come to your show? It used to be easier just to say, ‘Hey, it’s Yo-Yo Ma, so come to the show.’ You’ve got to dig deeper. If you’ve got Yo-Yo Ma, let people know that they will never hear a better cellist, assuming you’re talking to an audience that’s receptive to that. Reasons to do something go beyond just the direct content, too. People go to movies because they’re convenient and casual. People (mostly teenagers) buy Sprite because they see it as something that reflects the fact that they’re active and energetic. Slightly crazy, that is, but it’s true. If your show is 90 minutes with no intermission, you’ve got something, because people can go to dinner, see your show, have an after-dinner drink and still be home on a school night by 11:00pm. That’s a reason to go, too. You can’t just do an accurate forensic description of the content and expect people to be charmed. You’ve got to think about what matters to them and give them reasons to go.”

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