What’s Happening Off Broadway?

Not that Off Broadway. We mean off-off-off-off-off Broadway. Way off. Like another industry entirely.

Each year, we pack the TEDxBroadway stage with Broadway industry experts, but we also want to feature speakers who are doing incredible things from other areas as well.

Imagine you’re in the choir business. And you go to a choir conference. Sure, it’s great to see other people from other choirs and hear what they are up to. But, if everything you hear at this conference is from someone who is in the choir industry, well, then, it’s just preaching to the choirs, isn’t it?

So what’s happening off Broadway? Gamification. Data Storytelling. Ethnography. To name just a few things.

Ellen Isaacs, a Corporate Ethnographer at PARC, explains what ethnography is in her talk and how it could be very relevant to the Broadway community.

At the 2014 TEDxBroadway event, Gabe Zichermann talked about engaging millennials with gamification.

Yao Huang, founder of The Hatchery, looks at the success rate of start-ups and the significance of a talent incubator.

And, in 2015, Ben Wellington told us what happens when open data, urban planning and improv collide.

We hope you’ll take a look at these talks. Maybe they’ll inspire your next great idea — on Broadway.

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