What’s a Popular Podcast? It’s a Total Surprise.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular — even for the most unlikely brands. Trader Joe’s recently launched their own podcast, according to Melissa Locker at Fast Company.

And … it jumped to No. 3 on Apple Podcasts. Locker reports: “The five episodes of Inside Trader Joe’s attempt to answer all the burning questions people have about the company, including how its parking lots have become ground zero for Parking Wars, the hit reality show of the future.”

The podcast features interviews with key staff members who reveal behind-the-scenes information.

Locker offers some examples: “Fun fact: Instead of throwing food in the trash, they donate 70 million pounds of food to causes that combat hunger. Even funner fact: The staff tries everything — even the dog biscuits, which apparently taste like salmon and sweet potato, but we’ll go ahead and trust them on that.”

This makes a person wonder what types of marketing platforms they need to try next?

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