Whatever Happens, We’re Here to Help

As an industry, we’re facing a level of uncertainty over the next few months that doesn’t happen very often. It’s unsettling even for those of us who’ve been in the live entertainment and arts world for a while.

But whatever happens, our goal is not just to help your organization and our industry get through this, but to emerge together as strong as possible, ready for the time when people can’t wait to get back out to shows, games and events. 

The way we promote and sell for the time being is very likely to change, focused more on events that are a little further out in the calendar and in ways that fit this unusual moment. I’ve already heard about conversations between members of our team and some organizers that color outside the lines a little bit but still get patrons excited about what you do.

We have to be very clear-eyed about what’s going on, avoiding wishful thinking as much as avoiding panic. One way to do this is to work together to share information, trends and navigate all of this. To do this, we’ve created a group on LinkedIn designed for sharing among live entertainment professionals that we invite you to join

Right now we don’t know many things, but there are some things that we can be pretty sure of

First, patrons and potential patrons are increasingly worried. We’ve been tracking this for several weeks in terms of the number of daily inquiries, and the trend at this point is still rapidly climbing. Because we’re national, we’re also able to see that it’s impacting different areas unevenly at this point. If you join the Linkedin group, we’ll share more information there. Also, we can work with you to share information about what you are doing to help customers be healthy when they go to shows.

Second, it seems clear that more postponements and cancellations of events — mandated by the government or otherwise — are on their way. How these are handled is very important for our industry, both financially and in anticipation of when the problem winds down and normalcy returns.

And that’s the dual focus that we have and that we all should have: handling today the best way we can, and just as important, setting ourselves up as an industry and as organizations to be ready for the inevitable return. People want to go out, and they will. It might take a while, but the human need to share experiences will come back strong.

It always does.

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