What Your Patrons Want — Survey Says

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What do your patrons like about your organization? It’s an important question because it brings up issues of trust and loyalty, two things every organization values.

A new survey posted by Marketing Land “explores drivers of brand perception, consumer trust and the corresponding benefits to retailers.”

There are a number of interesting insights, like:

• “Roughly half of millennials (52 percent) and Gen Xers (48 percent) wanted retailers to align with their values.

•  The overwhelming majority of respondents (85 percent) liked the abstract idea of retailers supporting charities.”

Greg Sterling writes: “Somewhat surprisingly, the report says that older shoppers (boomers) are more comfortable than younger ones with retailers accessing their purchase data, provided they had a history with that retailer. The other significant driver of data sharing was discounts: ’52 percent said that in exchange for coupons or other compelling promotional discounts, they would be receptive to a retailer knowing their purchase history.'”

Read more of the survey’s findings here.

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