What You Need to Know About Advertising in 2018

Fun fact: The first-ever banner ad in 1994 had a 44% click-through rate. Can you imagine getting results like that today?!

A lot has changed since the ’90s when it comes to online ads, but thankfully Clifford Chi at HubSpot has put together a comprehensive guide to advertising in 2018. You can read it in full here (there’s a ton of great info.) and check out our favorite tips below:

  • “Google AdWords wants to incentivize the best advertisers to advertise the best content on their SERPs, so they reward ads that have high quality scores with higher ad rankings and lower cost-per-clicks.”
  • “Over 80% of the U.S. population uses social media, but since social networks are all trying to monetize their audiences as much as possible, organic reach is at an all-time low.”
  • “When you pay for a publisher’s native advertising services, you’ll be able to leverage their editorial expertise and audience reach to help your brand tell captivating stories to a bigger and better viewership.”

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