What You Can Learn From Kraft’s Mac and Cheese Marketing

Have you noticed the Kraft macaroni and cheese ads lately? The ones that tout the new ingredients — the new ingredients that had already been in the product for six months with no one noticing?

It’s a brilliant campaign that Inc.com recently reported on. Rather than immediately spread the news of their new, healthier formula (and risk running into a “New Coke/Old Coke” situation), the company quietly released the new formula, and then once it was sure that people were still happy with the product made a louder announcement about the switch.

The move reminded us a bit of Broadway sensation Hamilton — a show that on the surface is a fun, hip-hop musical, but deeper down gives a fabulous history lesson. They lead with the cool and sneak in the learning.

What can you learn from this tactic? Writer Justin Bariso explains:

“Take a cue from Kraft, and think from your audience’s perspective. Quietly testing the waters can help you to correctly anticipate their reaction — and that will keep you one step ahead of the game.”

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