What We Can Learn From the Mass Appeal of Outdoor Events

In the arts, there’s often the ambition to be accessible for all, explains Jonathan Goodacre in this Arts Professional article. Well, according to a recently completed study by the Audience Agency, “outdoor arts consistently attract an audience that is representative of the population as a whole.”

Goodacre continues: “Is it as simple as the fact that they are free? Price incentives have not always worked at generating audiences across other areas of the sector, so it must be that there’s more to its success. Outdoor arts are accessible to all because the barriers that some other artforms face (strict timings and buildings) do not exist. … At most events audiences are given the freedom to roam around, join in when they want to and leave without feeling intimidated. They are in control of what and how much art they consume and engage with.”

Goodacre also points out: “Outdoor arts are recognised for producing something surprising and unexpected. There is an appreciation of something never seen before, happening in unexpected places, such as in the middle of a town.”

Read more about the Audience Agency survey and how the outdoor arts attract audiences that other artforms aren’t always able to.

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