What We Can Learn From Daddy Long Legs Livestream [Infographic]

On December 10, the off-Broadway musical Daddy Long Legs streamed live online for free from the Davenport Theater. It was the first-ever Broadway or off-Broadway show to be livestreamed around the country.

Last week on his site, producer Ken Davenport shared an infographic, which offers all sorts of answers to the habits and the desires of the livestreaming theatrical audience, including where they came from, how they watched and how much they’d pay for an experience like this in the future.

Davenport’s biggest takeaway from the livestream is that the theatergoing audience wants this — badly. He echoes Jim’s thoughts in You Can’t Kill Demand for a Product by Giving It to More People when he writes: “As I said before and as I’ll say again until this is more commonplace, the digital distribution of our theatrical content is the biggest audience development tool that we are NOT using. It’s time to figure out how to take that tool out of the box.”

Read more of Davenport’s thoughts here, and check out the infographic below:

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