What We All Need in These Tough Times

This has been a tough year so far. As this CNN article points out: “There’s contentiousness over politics and racial unrest in the United States. We’ve lost legends like David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali. Add terrorism and fear over the world economy (looking at you Brexit).”

And when times get tough, nostalgia can be so important, writes Lisa Respers France. And the ’90s are having a moment.

“The Clintons are trying to make it into the White House, again. Folks are debating the merits of Third Eye Blind, and we’re obsessed with the O.J. Simpson case and Pokemon,” France lists. “Looking back a few decades can bring joy.”

We did a spotlight on the I Love The 90’s Tour, and France shares a few other ways we seem to be in perpetual “Throwback Thursday” mode. See her list here.

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