What More Can We Do?

The answer is, a lot. The live entertainment industry is made up of the smartest, heartiest, most resilient and creative people. And, we’re going to get through this — together.

First, an update. As you know, we mobilized the Goldstar site and audience to support organizations like yours all over the country. We’re still getting hundreds of submissions up, and more important, we’re starting to see donations from our subscribers come in. If you haven’t listed your organization for this, you can still do so here.

Second, I’d like you to look at this from our friends at Eventbrite. We all need to tell the government to include the live entertainment business in relief packages. It’s important that we do this now as the politicians consider what industries have suffered from the impact of the Coronavirus. All of us should send a version of this email to make sure our voices are heard. This will be critical to the industry’s recovery.

Here are helpful links and sample email copy from Eventbrite: 

With your help, we can amplify our request to Congress through your local elected officials and ensure our message has been heard. You can enter your address here to find your House representative, and find your Senators here. Most have member feedback forms on their website, or email addresses if not. 

Here’s a sample letter you can personalize and send:

Subject: Protect Live Events Small Businesses

Dear Representative [NAME],

As you consider relief legislation to assist Americans in responding to COVID-19, I am writing to urge you to include resources to assist those of us for whom congregating in large gatherings is actually our living.

I work in the live events industry and we have seen our revenues dry up virtually overnight. I know we all have to do our part to fight this pandemic and that stopping large gatherings through social distancing is our best approach. My hope is that the assistance you are developing provides fast, substantial, and easily accessible aid for small businesses like mine.

Thank you for considering my request, and thank you for all you are doing to help us get back on our feet after this crisis.


Send your message now and forward this along to everyone you know whose voice needs to be heard.

And, if you have thoughts and ideas about what more can we do, by all means, share them with me. Again, we’re all in this together.


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