What Journalists Can Teach You About Marketing Theater

Marketing and journalism might seem like they are completely different jobs, but at their core is the same idea: “delivering quality and engaging content,” points out TopRank Marketing Blog writer Caitlin Burgess.

Burgess shares several other lessons marketers can learn from journalists, a few in particular that are perfect for theater and live entertainment marketers to remember. You can read her full list here and see our favorite lessons below:

“#1 – Know Your Audience

Journalists understand that in order to create content that gets read and gets shared, they need to understand who their audience is and what they care about.

For brands, knowing and understanding your audience will allow you to build the foundation of your content marketing strategy.

#2 – Write for the Reader

Every piece of content a journalist turns out is aimed at enticing the reader. Content is organized to help readers easily flow through the article and photos are often used to add a visual element to the story. Long-form pieces are often broken down into sections with headers, which is more pleasing to the eye and helps with scanability. In addition, content is written in a way that tells a story—not in a way to please search engines.

For brands, the bottom line here is to create content that’s a good experience for your audience to read. SEO is important, but usability and user experience is more important.

# 3 – Make Accuracy a Priority

One of the first lessons you learn in journalism school is that accuracy is a non-negotiable. I once received a failing grade for the misspelling a source’s name. (I’ll always remember your name Fred Woods.) It was certainly embarrassing, but really it was a careless mistake.

Make sure that you have a solid QA process for every piece of content you create. Little things that get missed can have an impact on your credibility and the effectiveness of your content.”

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