What Is Mindful Digital Marketing?

Most of us have heard of — and probably engaged in practices that promote — mindfulness.

According to Ria Sankar for Search Engine Journal, the principles we apply when doing mindful practices like yoga can also be applied to digital marketing.

Sankar writes: “The process of continuous improvement in yoga is rooted in objective introspection rather than a focus on the external. The focus is on finding purpose, staying positive, building empathy, and expanding perspective.”

She outlines how these four principles can help us excel in digital marketing. We highlight one principle below, then read the rest here:

“Developing Empathy

Karuna is the Sanksrit word for empathy and compassion. Any good marketing strategy is rooted in seamless experiences that speak to customer pain-points and ways to overcome them.

By practicing Karuna, we can effortlessly uncover the unique goals and motivations of our target audience to guide them through the marketing funnel.

We can then determine the most optimal message for each persona or even personalize it down to the individual.

For example, if we find that customers are increasingly searching for ways to stay healthy, we may launch Thanksgiving exclusives focused on lean and low-calorie alternatives.

The best examples of empathetic marketing are LUSH and Home Depot.

LUSH delights its customers by featuring videos with colorful details on its beauty products that have natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

Home Depot delights the ardent DIY-er with world-class customer service and growing body of DIY ideas and inspiration – presenting a human face promotes peace of mind and fosters repeat connections.”

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