What Goldstar Rewards Mean For You

A few weeks ago, 10 million members woke up to find 300 Goldstar Rewards points in their accounts. They just magically appeared. If you look, you have them in your account, too.

Now, for every $1 spent on Goldstar, members get 1 reward point. For every 400 points earned, they’ll get a $5 reward to spend on tickets. Thousands of people have already cashed in their points to save money on their next night out at your event.

This program harkens back to the core of what we’ve always practiced here at Goldstar — making it as easy and affordable as possible for our members to go to shows, while filling your houses and increasing overall revenue. We tackle large-scale programs like this so you won’t have to. In other words, we’re investing in the technology so you can skip the risk and see all the rewards.

We’re just getting started with Goldstar Rewards. We’ll have more updates and opportunities for you soon. Meanwhile, take a look at the About Rewards page.

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