What Does It Mean When an Orchestra Closes?

Last week, Anne Midgette reported for the Washington Post that the Maryland-based National Philharmonic “had run out of money and would close.”

Midgette shares the reactions she received from Post readers, plus her thoughts about orchestra closures and the current state of the classical-music world:

“People get very agitated about orchestra closures. It signals, to some, the decline of society and all they hold dear. …

You know what kind of news doesn’t interest people? News about orchestras doing well. Or, indeed, reviews of orchestras performing the music that embodies their mission. …”

Midgette suggests focusing on the success of classical-music organizations in our communities: “Let’s try focusing on the positives that we do have, where our interest can do some good, rather than waiting until another institution shutters to let the field know how very much we profess to care about it.”

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