What Do Millennials Love? Music

True, nearly everyone loves music, but it turns out that millennials love it more than TV, movies and sports. Yahoo! recently reported on research from Repucom that found 86 percent of millennials said they were interested in music (compared to 59 percent who said they were interested in sports).

You can read the full article here for more details on what exactly millennials love about music, and check out a few interesting findings below:

• “The survey found that most U.S. and German millennials learned about music events through friends and family.”

• “Repucom ranked Taylor Swift as the most marketable artist for U.S. millennials, with 96 percent familiar with the pop superstar. She was followed by Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce.”

• “The study said that music festivals — whose number and size have grown rapidly in recent years — offered unique potential for companies to connect with the hard-to-reach demographic.”

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