What Disney Understands About Experiences That Others Don’t

A scene from Disneylands Jungle Cruise ride, photo courtesy of Disney.

A scene from Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise ride. Photo courtesy of Disney

Recently we came across a news item about a new experience at Disneyland. Guests can book a Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast, which includes a private ride on the Jungle Cruise along with an early morning breakfast on the set of the ride. The price for this extravaganza: $300.

Many articles covering this new experience, like this one from Los Angeles Eater which called it “ridiculous,” have mocked the whole idea. However, they also admit that the breakfast is selling like crazy, with only a few spots open over the next few months.

And that’s why we think these articles are missing the point. Is $300 a lot for breakfast? Maybe. But if you value a unique Disney experience, that price may seem like a bargain. As Jim said in this post:

“While it’s true that nobody ever needs a ticket, it’s equally true that if somebody really wants a ticket, they’ll pay just about anything for it.

If you don’t grasp both sides of this dynamic, I think you’ll have a hard time being very successful marketing live entertainment and arts. A person’s interest in paying for an event ticket goes from absolute flatline (when they don’t know or care about the show) to a steeply rising upward curve. It’s not a straight, steady line.”

Clearly there are plenty of people who want this experience, so who’s really being ridiculous?

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