What Customers Ask Themselves Before They Buy

"Shopping," © 2012 Roderick Eime, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

“Shopping,” © 2012 Roderick Eime, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Here on Selling Out, most of us have the same goal: to get customers to buy tickets to our live events.

In the article, “6 Questions Customers Ask Themselves Before a Major Purchase,” Entrepreneur shares some insights into the minds of consumers. We’ve highlighted a couple of questions below, and you can read them all here:

“Do I understand this?

Sales teams love to make their offerings sound cutting edge and sophisticated. They put together lengthy slide decks and offer jargon-filled answers to prospective customers’ questions. The problem is, the buyer needs to be able to quickly and simply defend the purchase; the longer the pitch or the answer, the more likely the buyer is to believe he or she is making a bad decision — and to proceed to sink the sale.

Do I trust this?

Buyers need to believe that the offering they are considering will solve a business problem or improve their operations in some way. They need to trust that the company selling to them can deliver on every promise it’s made. Buyers also need to believe that the individual sales representative can be trusted to be there after the sale concludes.”

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