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Remember when there were really only three major broadcast networks? Everybody knew Dallas was on CBS, which night it ran (Friday), what time it started (9:00pm)  and who shot J.R. You didn’t even have to be a hardcore fan — you just knew. Then cable came along and a whole new world of entertainment options appeared right at your fingertips. With all of the channels you were able to discover new shows with relatively little effort. Relatively few people out there can you tell you the entire lineup of programs on their entire cable catalogue on this evening — very few. Enter streaming, DVRs, YouTube, etc., and now you can watch just about anything with the added bonus of watching whenever you want — on-demand.

I’m prepping right now for a panel at #INTIX2017 and thinking a lot about channels. No, not TV, but rather the opportunities we’re creating here at Goldstar for our 5,000 partners using a bunch of channels to reach new audiences and, ultimately, increase revenue for them. We’ve been dedicating our resources to drive awareness for events, cancel out the convenience gap and develop ticketing integrations to make access on-demand. I’ve got some interesting stats that will your blow your mind even more than when the creators of Dallas tried to write off Bobby Ewing’s death as just a dream.

As sure as Katherine shot J.R., I know you’ll enjoy hearing from this panel:
Connecting APIs with Opportunities: Reach New Patrons, Sell More Tickets & Make More Money
January 26 at 11:00am
Dan Armstrong, VP and General Manager, Distributed Commerce, Ticketmaster
Kristin Darrow, Senior Vice President, Digital, Tessitura Network
Dan DeMato, President, FutureTix, Inc.
Steve Disch, Senior Team Manager, Partnerships-StubHub
Jim McCarthy, CEO, Goldstar
Lisa Middleton, Director of Marketing, Lyric Opera of Chicago
Christopher Worsham-Armstrong, Director of Product Management, Spectra Ticketing & Fan Engagement

Bringing more customers to your events is a critical component to the health of your business. We’ll hear from industry experts who have demonstrated proven ways to grow the acquisition funnel with new customers through mobile, digital and eCommerce event discovery strategies. Learn how these strategies will help you to extend your brand, reach and sell more tickets by offering new features and functionality through technology integrations that make it easy for customers to find tickets to your events.

Goldstar is also proud to sponsor the keynote speech by Hema Budaraju, Product Manager for Facebook Events. You can catch that on January 26 at 2:15pm.

If you’re heading to Intix, ping me on Twitter too: @goldstarJim.

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