We’re Here to Help You Raise Some Money

Starting this week, Goldstar is refocusing our efforts, tools and systems so we can raise donations from our audience for your organization. 

As soon as tomorrow, we’ll be sending you information about exactly what you need to do to participate. 

For now, the best way to think of this is we’re going to be marketing donations for your organization instead of marketing tickets to your shows. We’re going to use ALL our promotional channels to make a difference. We’re looking to generate awareness and, more important, revenue for you. In essence, we’re becoming a fundraising platform like the ones you know, but with a built-in big audience and a lot of marketing tools. 

Our goal is to get you some help right now. And we know our Goldstar subscribers will be supportive of this. After all, it’s a chance for them to show love for you, your shows and your organization’s contributions to their community. 

One side benefit of this craziness is that I’ve reconnected with people across the industry over the last few days, swapping stories and ideas. But even better, I hear their bravery, creativity, resilience, and their commitment to what we all do. It’s lifting me up, and I hope that in some way, we can do the same for you.

Now’s the time to #ShowLove.

Jim McCarthy


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