“We No Longer Advertise, We Boost”

The worlds of advertising and marketing are shifting, from experimenting with unproven (and unmeasurable) campaigns to expanding placements that already work for further reach and awareness. Fitting right into that shift is Boost, Goldstar’s new marketing tool, which puts your event into more emails and bumps up your placement in listings. We’re excited to see there’s been a lot of buzz about Boost lately …

“The supplier picks the number of emails they want to have their event boosted in, where geographically the boosts should be placed and how long they want the campaign to last. It costs $5 dollars per 1,000 boosts.”Venues Today






“Boost will expand the show’s reach and control when reaching Goldstar’s eight million members.” – Broadway Briefing




And, yeah “Six Buzz Phrases to Make You Crazy in 2018.”

Find out what the buzz is all about here.


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