Want Your Event to Be Unforgettable? Do This

Do you want your audience to talk about your event long after it’s over? To tell their friends and family how amazing it was? And most important, to return to your events again and again?

Of course, who doesn’t?! But the path to creating an event that obtains “unforgettable” status isn’t always clear. It’s not necessarily about shock value, over-the-top performances or a big budget (thankfully), but often has to do with this advice from The Story of Telling:

“Great branding:

1. Creates an expectation.
2. Delivers a meaningful experience that matches the expectation.
3. Builds an emotional connection that compels customers to want to repeat the experience.”

You can read more about branding your events in a way that makes them unforgettable here. And if have advice for creating memorable events, share it with your fellow readers on Twitter or Facebook.

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