Want More Shares? Use These Social Media Emotions

When a post goes viral, it appears to be magic or luck. Creating posts that your patrons want to spread seems like an elusive skill — and we all want to master it.

Well, here’s some information to help: “New research indicates that an emotional connection paired with more nuanced combinations of additional dimensions like arousal and dominance have a significant impact on our sharing habits,” reports Andrea Lehr for HubSpot. Lehr writes:

“Why Certain Emotional Combinations Make People Share

My team at Fractl recently used the Pleasure-Arousal-Dominance (PAD) model to analyze the emotional responses to 100 of the top images from Reddit’s r/pics community to determine the ideal emotional combinations for viral images.

We began by asking 400 respondents one simple question: How does this image make you feel?

The results revealed the top 10 emotions for viral images as shown below:

Responses_to_Viral_ImagesAn obvious trend? The top viral emotions tend to be extremely positive, which echoes previous research. However, although negative emotions like hate, reproach, and resentment were reported far less than positive emotions, our data indicates that they can still generate a viral hit — you just have to strike the right combinations of arousal and dominance.”

Read more about why certain emotional combinations make people share and what this means for marketers, and see some examples of successful marketing videos from Dove and GoPro.

A big takeaway: “Research continues to prove that virality isn’t a matter of chance — it’s actually the result of a powerful emotional experience.”

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