Video Game Fans Are Filling Arenas in Record Numbers

The International Dota 2 Championships wrapped up last week — and it was the biggest e-sports (competitive video gaming) event yet, according to Matt Day of The Seattle Times.

E-sports is big business, writes Day, attracting big sponsors and big crowds. As many as 12,000 video-game fans poured into Seattle’s KeyArena to watch teams of professional gamers square off.

Jim has written about the appeal of experiencing events live. He explains:

“But ultimately, you see something live because it’s more exciting than it is at home, and a big part of that feeling is that there are other people there. … People go to the game because they want to be a witness to it. They want to be there when it happened. They want to have an unmediated experience of something special (hopefully) and, 10 years of selling millions of tickets to millions of people has taught me, they want to witness the game (or show, or whatever) with other people. They want to share that experience with other people and get the benefit of those other people making it special by being there. They want to talk about it afterward, possibly for the rest of their lives.”

Read Day’s entire article about e-sports and Seattle here.

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