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According to Pamela Bump for HubSpot, “In 2019, Instagram Stories hit 500 million daily users.”

Bump continues: “Since launching in 2016, the Stories feature alone has made Instagram more popular than other Story and mobile video platform competitors including Snapchat, TikTok, and its owner’s own platform: Facebook Stories.”

In order to help us up audience engagement,  Bump “surveyed 350 people using Lucid software to learn more about their favorite Story formats, sound preferences, and ideal Story length,” and she highlights “what consumers said about their favorite Instagram Story formats.”

We share one story format below, then read about the rest here:

Short Narrative Stories

Short narratives are basically articles translated for a more visual audience. They rely on brief paragraphs and bullet points of text, accompanied by related visuals, to tell a story in a few cohesive short slides. Here’s a great example of a short story that swipes up to a longer piece of web content from Harvard Business Review:

This strategy is a great way to get more eyes on your blog content without asking people to leave the Instagram app.

Aside from informing your audience of a topic related to your industry, you can also take a note from HBR and other publishers by using Stories as a traffic generator. In the example above, HBR — which has a verified account — has adapted a long-form article into a short Story and included the full post at the end as a swipe-up link.

With this tactic, the Instagram Story serves as a teaser as viewers who are very interested in the topic can swipe up to read more about it on HBR.org.”

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