Two Breweries Show How to Handle Your “Competition”

The competing beers and the scene of the competition.

The competing beers and the scene of the competition.

Recently, two breweries, Sly Fox Brewery in Pennsylvania and Shmatlz Brewery in New York, hosted a Hanukkah versus Christmas bar crawl, reports Forbes writer Alyson Krueger. This friendly competition gave both breweries the chance to show off their seasonal brews to a hoard of new fans at a fun event. The partnership clearly demonstrates Jim’s point that Your Competition Isn’t What You Think it Is:

“People ask me frequently who is Goldstar’s competition. My answer is always the same: Our biggest competition is the urge to sit on your sofa and watch Netflix or play Candy Crush. Forget about other people who might or might not sell tickets. They’re nothing compared to the incredibly formidable challenge presented by laziness and inertia. The vast majority of the time we lose to that competitor.

You too, venue owner, show producer or ticket marketer, are not competing with the theater or music hall across the street or across town. You compete with how easy it is NOT to go out. If someone chooses to go to another venue instead of yours — that’s if they actually gave yours consideration and actually go to a similar venue to see a similar show — that’s half a win. I’m serious.”

Show Day is coming on December 26! Find out more about the holiday here

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