Twitter Reveals What Matters Most to Your Patrons

To help live entertainment marketers better understand what matters most to our patrons, Twitter, reports David Cohen for Adweek, “analyzed billions of tweets from Jan. 1, 2016, through June 30, 2019, and boiled them down into 18 emerging trends that highlight fundamental shifts in culture in the U.S.”

With this insight into what’s on our patrons’ minds, we can, hopefully, start and participate more effectively in social media conversations.

Cohen shares six overarching themes. Read three of them below, and then read more here:

  • “Creator culture: The creative arena was once dominated by artists, writers and musicians, but now, makers, builders and entrepreneurs have grabbed seats, as well. Twitter’s standout stat: Unsigned musician hashtags rose 113% during the time period analyzed. Trends in this theme are creative currencyhustle life and connecting through video.
  • My identity: People have never felt more empowered to be their true selves and make their own rules. Stereotypes are being shattered, and issues of gender and diversity have come to the forefront. Trends in this theme are fandomgender redefined and represent me.
  • Tech life: Technology continues to change how people learn, create and work, and people are imagining a future that is more connected, more efficient and more expansive. The social network’s standout stat: Conversation about a fourth industrial revolution grew 340% during the period studied. Trends in this theme are blended realitiesfuture tech and tech angst.”

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