Turn Your Best Customers Into Your Best Salespeople

Positive word of mouth is always great for a show. People come, tell their friends how amazing the experience was, and those people in turn buy tickets (at least in theory).

But if you want to give the whole word-of-mouth promotion idea a little nudge, there are things you can do. Janine Popick over at Inc. shared a few ideas to turn customers into salespeople, and we’ve added one of our own as well. Check them out:

1. Make a video. Popick suggests interviewing your customers about their experiences and sharing the video on social media and your website. Don’t worry about fancy equipment, even a video filmed on your phone can have a positive impact (and feel more “real” and, therefore, more honest than a slick production).

 2. Interview them. Even if you don’t want to go the video route, Popick says interviewing your fans will give you quotes you can use on your website and social media accounts, plus give you some great feedback on your event.

3. Encourage them to share their experience. Try offering an incentive for people to check-in on Foursquare or Facebook when they arrive at your event to get some buzz going (no one likes being left out of the fun after all), and encourage them to share their experience on social media during intermission or after the event. You can offer a small discount on concessions, for example, when people show proof that they’ve talked about your event on social media — or get creative thinking of other ways to thank them. And don’t forget to make your social media handles easily visible so people can tag you, and be sure to like or comment on their posts, too, as a way of saying thanks and keeping the conversation going.

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