Tribute Band Naming Contest: Win $200 in Goldstar Cash!

Nearvana. Fleetwood Mock. The Rolling Clones.

Tribute band naming has become a pun-filled genre unto itself, celebrating funny — and occasionally groan-worthy — riffs on real bands and the titles to their biggest hits. (Just ask We Got the Meat, Portland’s all-male tribute to The Go-Go’s.)

Now it’s your turn!

On the Goldstar Facebook page, we’re holding a contest to find the funniest, cleverest name for a brand-new tribute band of your creation. The name with the most likes by next Friday, October 16, will receive a $200 Goldstar gift certificate and a lifetime’s worth of bragging rights.

To get your creative juices flowing, check out a list of a few of our favorite real-life tribute band names on Goldstar’s new consumer blog.

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