What Does “Get ‘Em When They’re Young” Mean for Live Entertainment?

Get a child hooked on your product when he’s 10, and he’s yours for life. A lot of marketers believe that as gospel, and from time to time evidence emerges that “proves” it. I’ve always been less convinced. Preference is highly perishable, and most of the “brands” I liked as a kid aren’t particularly relevant to me now. I mean, I still like Count Chocula in theory, but I don’t exactly eat much of it. And when you look at …

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Hockey: Better With Palm Trees and Snowy Mountains

Since 2008, the National Hockey League has held a hockey game outdoors on New Year’s Day. It’s been a big success because it’s such an unusual event. They play in baseball and football stadiums to very large crowds and very large TV audiences, even though the game is just an ordinary regular season game. People are excited at the chance to see hockey at Fenway Park or Wrigley Field. And this year, on January 25, the outdoor hockey experiment will …

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